How To Protect Yourself & Your Family When The Cost Of Connection Is Too High

Virtual Conference & Exhibit HallSeptember 10-12, 2021


Take Back Your Health™ Presents:5G & Our Health

We are more connected, yet more unhealthy and unhappy than ever. Environmental scientists and doctors are making connections between wireless radiation, chronic illness, and our environmental crises. We want to answer the urgent questions, "Have we taken Wi-Fi radiation technology too far?" and "Can we find a safer way to use the internet to connect?"

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Many Of Us Are Wondering...

  • What is 5G?
  • Why are thousands of doctors and scientists around the world cautioning us against the rollout of 5G?
  • How does Wi-Fi radiation cause heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?
  • What is the link between Wi-Fi radiation and anxiety and depression?
  • Is our hyper-connectivity making us unhappier than ever?
  • Do I have a choice when it comes to 5G?
  • How can we protect ourselves from 5G and Wi-Fi radiation exposure?
  • How can we reduce our radiation exposure in the places we spend the most time: our homes and our offices?

All of these questions and more will be addressed!



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Your Host, Robin Shirley, Founder of Take Back Your Health™

Hi! My name is Robin Shirley. I founded Take Back Your Health in 2010 with the mission to share what I was learning about my own chronic health issues with others who are chronically ill. Our Take Back Your Health™ D.C. and L.A Conference, and our sold-out Take Back Your Health™ Retreats, draw repeat attendees and have grown a like-minded community of thousands of health enthusiasts who are taking back their health.

I grew up with chronic pain, headaches, and rashes, and later developed depression, digestive discomfort, out-of-control systemic inflammation, infertility, and more. I was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 11 years old. I tried everything to heal naturally. Food changes and supplements helped a lot, but nothing truly took the pain away. When I was 23 I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, and I was able to get to the root of the pain. I have personally experienced the power of a natural approach to reducing pain and inflammation. I am now 32 years old, a mother of two beautiful babies and running the business of my dreams. Learn more here.